You should want gun owners as your neighbors

You should want gun owners as your neighbors
Source: CNN

That first day at the range confirmed what I already understood to be true: the shooting community is comprised of safety-minded, generous people. In fact, some of the kindest folks I’ve ever met have been either in church or at the range. True story.

Oh the media and the President would have you believe NRA members and conceal carry people are a bunch of rogue loons who shoot up school kids and church goers.

That’s nothing more than a big, fat lie intended to advance the Left’s goal of disarming the populace. Our founders knew that an armed citizenry was a polite citizenry and, more importantly, a safeguard against tyranny.

The Left, the socialists, want to fundamentally transform America, and that’s a little bit hard to do if every household has an AR-15, a shotgun and some pistols. The easiest way to keep the people obedient is to take away our ability to resist.

But back to all those gun owners. What are they like in my experience?

Like Peter who would take a day of his time to help a gal he didn’t know begin to learn to shoot. Like my neighbor, Wendell, who offered me his .357 Magnum until I had my own pistol for home defense. Like Robbie and his wife who watch over their elderly neighbor, including him in meals and gatherings and checking on him daily.

Like my dad who would, on a snowy Saturday, help a school teacher friend of mine put on all her snow tires. Like my Uncle Bud who allowed hunters to hunt on his 4,000 acres whenever they asked.

These shooters, these bitter-clingers? They watch out for their neighbors and are sheep dogs, if not lions, at heart whose impulse is to protect the innocent.

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