Why not put women on ALL the bills, not just the $10 bill?

Why not put women on ALL the bills, not just the $10 bill?

[Ed. – Think big.]

There’s been a well-publicized campaign to put a woman on the $20 in time for the 2020 anniversary, and the women behind that movement are reportedly a little piqued that a woman will appear on the lesser denomination instead. Others are outraged that Andrew Jackson, a slave owner who ruthlessly pursued the genocide of Native Americans, is staying on the $20 while anti-slaver Alexander Hamilton gets bumped from his perch on the $10.

“WHY do we have to fight for crumbs and be happy to get a minuscule concession in this day and age!!? Women deserve to be on ALL the bills for at least as long as only men have been on them,” remarked one person on the Women on 20s Facebook page.

Still, a lot can happen between now and 2020. Maybe by the time the bill finally launches with its new feminine face, we’ll also have an updated place mat with a woman on it.


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