Loaves of bread will be smaller in future because of global warming

Loaves of bread will be smaller in future because of global warming
Credit: Andrew Crowley/The Telegraph

Long-term global warming will have a deflating effect on bread, and a “2050 loaf” will be crumpled and small due a reduction in the amount of protein in grains, Australian scientists have found.

The loaves, based on mid-century atmospheric carbon dioxide levels predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, were baked by researchers at the Victorian government and Melbourne University.

They emerged smaller and somewhat less enticing than their present-day counterparts.

The scientists discovered that rises in carbon dioxide will increase the size of wheat plants and make them more efficient at using water but will affect the quality of the grain.

Dr Glenn Fitzgerald, a senior researcher for the state government of Victoria who led the study, said the amount of protein in the grain is set to reduce by 2 to 14 per cent if carbon dioxide levels increase as anticipated.

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