Dive-bombing birds keep Chick-Fil-A customers scrambling

Dive-bombing birds keep Chick-Fil-A customers scrambling
We'll take your money but...

A pair of nesting birds has customers of a Denver-area Chick-fil-A scrambling to take cover as the over-protective parents try to protect their family.

Angela Colt and her three sons couldn’t help but laugh at the misfortune of others as they sipped on their sodas and nibbled on their chicken sandwiches Thursday.

“There he goes! There he goes,” squealed Nathan Colt.

At that moment, a blackbird veered toward the head of yet another unsuspecting victim.


“I guess the bird prefers blondes,” quipped John Colt.

Outside, a young manager named Charlie struggled to convince people his large Chick-fil-A umbrella was truly necessary even with the sun shining down.

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