OMG: British Muslim women reportedly smuggling their minor children into ISIS-held Syria

OMG: British Muslim women reportedly smuggling their minor children into ISIS-held Syria
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[Ed. – There’s just no accounting for this one, by any definition of sane morality.  Even if you believed in the ISIS cause, deliberately taking your children to a war zone??  Who does that?  Emphasis in original.]

What on earth would posses a woman, or women, to take their small children into an active war zone in the midst of one of the worlds most brutal and feared terrorist groups ? This is the hold that radical Islam has over these people, that they would willingly surrender the lives of their own children to be sacrificed like this. Stray cats have more maternal instincts than these Muslim women do. …

The three sisters from Bradford England, feared to have smuggled their children into ISIS-held Syria were today criticized by their ‘devastated’ parents for taking the youngsters into a war zone. The Sisters -Khadija, Sugra and Zohra Dawood and their children – who are aged between three and 15 left their homes last month and are now believed to be in the clutches of the terrorist group.

Fears are growing that three sisters and their nine children are in Syria after one contacted them from the country. Police have admitted the family were removed from a flight trying to leave the UK in March.” …

A shocking video which emerged earlier this month showed how young boys are made to run, climb and crawl through an assault course, while an adult commander supervises them. Armed with rocket launchers and AK47s, the so-called ‘cubs of the caliphate’ then pose proudly under the notorious black flag used by Islamist groups such as ISIS.

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