Obama administration tells Border Patrol to stop making drug arrests

Obama administration tells Border Patrol to stop making drug arrests
US Border Protection

Once again the Obama administration has proven that they have no concerns whatsoever about protecting the American people from criminals. Members of the US Border Patrol are complaining that they’ve been instructed to stop making arrests for illegal drugs entering the US.

In the past, Border Patrol agents, especially those along the Mexican border would stop any vehicle that looked suspicious, often finding illegal drugs and making arrests. Shawn Gallagher, a Border Patrol agent in the San Diego area, spoke out saying:

“Now the port of entry has to explain who was in the primary lane, what actions were taken, if the vehicle was inspected, so you can see there’s a whole host of implications.”

“There was a lot of pressure for us to get out of the [drug] interdiction game.”

Part of the reason for the intense scrutiny of Border Patrol agents is the results of several cross border shootings involving Border Patrol agents, one of which resulted in the death of a teen in Nogales, Mexico who killed by gunfire originating on the Arizona side of the border. …

The Obama administration also ignores the fact that illegal drugs lead to increase burglaries, home invasions, physical assaults and deaths by murder and overdosing.


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