71% of MSNBC viewers agree: You can be black if you want

71% of MSNBC viewers agree: You can be black if you want

According to a poll conducted by MSNBC, 71 percent answered “yes” to this question regarding Rachel Dolezal: “Is it okay to be transracial?”

Of course, that isn’t all that shocking considering the source. In fact, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry coddled Dolezal in an exclusive interview for the network. But after viewing it, it is shocking that anyone would think what Dolezal has, until now, been able to pull off was ever okay. But apparently the regular viewers of MSNBC aren’t very good at distinguishing between reality and fiction. They seem to take the approach of “do whatever feels right.”

In that interview, Dolezal explained that one of her reasons for acting black was because of her parents’ adoption of two black children. Dolezal told Harris-Perry that somebody had to be the link to the black community for them and so because she readily identified with her own “blackness,” she assumed that role and said she became their “mother-sister.”

Harris-Perry could somewhat relate to Dolezal since her mother is white (from Spokane no less) and raised black children. She explained to Chris Hayes after the interview that because of her upbringing in such a multi-racial family, she made a conscious decision to approach Dolezal without judgment.

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