USDA expands kid-stalking summer meal program loosely tied to ‘schools’

USDA expands kid-stalking summer meal program loosely tied to ‘schools’
Food bus in Washington. (Image: AP via CNSNews)

[Ed. – EAG News reported earlier on how meal vehicles will stalk kids to inflict food on them.  This program is predatory child abuse waiting to happen.]

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced the expansion of its summer meal programs beyond the $500 million of taxpayer dollars used to pay for last year’s effort, with a goal of serving an unprecedented 200 million meals to “children” 18 or younger, not only on school campuses, but at other sites, including at home. …

A USDA organizational chart shows that the federal government will serve breakfast and lunch to children at “schools, camps, churches, community centers, housing projects, libraries, migrant centers, parks, playgrounds, pools, and other public sites where children gather.”

Thirteen states were selected this year to receive “intensive technical assistance to expand the reach of the summer meal programs” – West Virginia, Alabama, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky – because of “high levels of rural and urban food.

In Murfreesboro, Tenn., school buses are bringing food to children, according to an article published on the National Public Radio website.

“The words CHOW bus have replaced the school bus sign over the windshield,” the NPR article states. “It’s blue and green with a food-themed mural on the side.

“Inside, some seats have been replaced with tables,” the article states. “And the bus is air conditioned so kids don’t have to sweat through their Lucky Charms and chocolate milk.

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