Man has to repay Indian govt – for welfare benefits incident to his own birth

Man has to repay Indian govt – for welfare benefits incident to his own birth
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Rajesh Laljibhai Patel’s mother launched a lawsuit against the government of India’s western Gujarat state two years after he was born in 1985.

Vijuben Patel, who already had four children, had undergone a sterilisation procedure at a camp organised by authorities in the state six years earlier.

She argued that government should pay for her son’s maintenance, citing medical negligence, and named him as a plaintiff in the case even though he was just two years old at the time.

India’s legal system moves notoriously slowly and it was not until 1992 that the court ruled in her favour, ordering authorities to pay her 25,000 rupees (about $400).

But the authorities appealed, and a higher court finally ordered the family to repay the money in December last year — by which time Rajesh had grown up and his mother had died.

Rajesh, now a soldier in the Indian army, launched a counter-appeal in April. …

But the Gujarat high court rejected his appeal, ruling that sterilization carried a marginal rate of failure and his birth did not constitute medical negligence.

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