Big defeat in House for AUMF against Islamic State

Big defeat in House for AUMF against Islamic State
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[Ed. – Not as cut-and-dried an issue as one might think.  There’s no strategy, certainly, so plenty of representatives don’t want to confer the authorization.  But the Democrats were pushing this one because it would have required withdrawing troops in six months.]

An effort in the House to pass an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) failed by big margins yesterday. The bill, which was pushed by Democrats, would have forced President Obama to withdraw U.S. combat troops from Iraq and Syria within six months unless Congress decided to authorize war. It was defeated by a vote of 139-288.

The bill reflected a widespread frustration in Congress that the president’s fight against ISIS is too undefined. Passage of the measure would have given Congress a strict deadline for authorizing war. Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA), who led the push, commented:

“If you want them to stay, you have to vote on an AUMF,” McGovern said Tuesday in a press conference. “I think it’s time for Congress to fish or cut bait on the war in Iraq and Syria.”

While the bill clearly failed, a number of leaders voting “nay” were sympathetic to McGovern’s effort. Yet some said that threatening to force a troop withdrawal was the wrong way to push the debate.

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