Gov’t bureaucrats replace perfectly good road signs

Gov’t bureaucrats replace perfectly good road signs

Federal matching road funds make state DOH not very response to local needs. What are your favorite DOH waste stories?

Check it out:

Signs near the southbound Clendenin exit of Interstate 79 are among several that are being replaced. Despite complaints from some state legislators, highways officials say that some of the signs are more than two decades old and due for replacement.

If you’re traveling along a 36-mile stretch of Interstate 79 between Charleston and Clay County, you might think you’re seeing double.

There are mile markers beside mile markers – both with the same number. There are numerous traffic-warning signs – “Slower traffic keep right,” “Watch for ice on bridge” — that stand side-by-side with seemingly identical signs.

The West Virginia Division of Highways is replacing dozens of older signs with new ones. Workers are putting up the new road signs – sometimes with new posts or poles – before removing the old ones.

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