The 3 stooges of the apocalypse

The 3 stooges of the apocalypse

In conversations about politics and the world, I often find myself saying, “I wish there was more good news to write about.” I mean it.

While there are many joyous personal moments to savor, society outside the front door is coming apart. As a friend put it, “the world seems vexed.”

It’s the right word — much of the human race is stuck in gridlock, whole regions and countries intertwined so tightly that a mere wiggle causes violent friction. It is increasingly common to hear comparisons of our time with the troubled period that led to World War I.

A new world order may be coming, or it may just be a long period of bloody disorder. The only clarity is an unshakable conviction that something fundamental is changing for the worse.

The biggest change is that America, the modern world’s anchor of stability and security, is being roiled by a never-ending loop of turmoil and division. Mankind’s last resort feels unsettled and unreliable, adding to the sense of impending danger.

The lion’s share of the blame ­belongs to our awful governments, from New York City to ­Albany to Washington.

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