Oops: Pesky ‘warming pause’ haunts ‘most pristine,’ unadjusted climate data

Oops: Pesky ‘warming pause’ haunts ‘most pristine,’ unadjusted climate data
Not as stranded as previously indicated.

[Ed. – Gee whiz, Batman.]

But, what if there were a dataset of temperature that was so well done, so scientifically accurate, and so completely free of bias that by its design, there would never be any need nor justification for any adjustments to the data?

Such a temperature record exists, it is called the U.S. Climate Reference Network, (USCRN) and it is also operated by NOAA/NCDC’s (NCEI) head administrator,Tom Karl…

So, since this state of the art network requires no adjustment, we can most surely trust the data presented by it. Right?

While we seldom if ever see the USCRN mentioned in NOAA’s monthly and annual “State of the Climate” reports to the U.S. public, buried in the depths of the NCDC website, one can get access to the data and have it plotted. We now have 10 years, a decade, of good data from this network and we are able to plot it. …

Clearly, a “pause” or “hiatus” exists in this most pristine climate data. In fact, a very slight cooling trend appears. But don’t take my word for it, you can replicate the plot above yourself using the links, free trial program, and USCRN data I provided from NOAA/NCDC/NCEI.

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