NY prison worker who helped escapees plotted with them to kill her husband

NY prison worker who helped escapees plotted with them to kill her husband
Joyce Mitchell, before the cold feet.

[Ed. – At least that’s an angle that passes the smell test in this whole thing.]

Ahead of Joyce Mitchell’s expected court appearance Monday, reports reveal new information about the prison worker who has been accused of helping two inmates escape from upstate New York’s Clinton Correctional facility.

Both the New York Daily News and New York Post reported Monday that, according to a source, Mitchell, had planned to drive convicted killers Richard Matt and David Sweat away from the prison and to her home, where they would then kill her husband, also an employee at Clinton.

Prosecutors say Mitchell, who worked in the prison tailor shop, provided Matt and Sweat with the tools for their escape, including hacksaw blades, drill bits and chisels. The 51-year-old had allegedly planned to be the pair’s getaway driver, but backed out at the last minute and checked herself into a hospital instead, later confessing her involvement in the prison break to State Police. …

NBC News reported Monday that, following the earlier investigation, Sweat’s accomplice Richard Matt began to work his charm on Mitchell, gaining her affection to the point that she “thought it was love,” according to sources familiar with the investigation.

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