Dolezal and Jenner: Inconvenient truth for the left

Dolezal and Jenner: Inconvenient truth for the left

Identity politics is a prized possession in the Left’s arsenal until someone uses certain identities in a way in which the Left disapproves. They initially shout: “Be who you believe you are, and present yourself in the way you want!” Only, they’re lying. They don’t mean be free to be your (chosen) self. They really mean be free to be your (chosen) self only if it’s what they allow at that moment and in line with the narrative they wish to promote. This is why the situation involving Spokane, Washington NAACP President Rachel Dolezal is making the Left so defensive. It shows the hypocrisy of their convenient tolerance.

Many of us immediately noticed the outrage at Rachel’s “blackness” from those who praised Bruce Caitlyn Jenner’s surgical and supplemental transformation. We clearly see if someone is praised (and soon to be ESPY awarded) for being transgender, then why can’t the same be done for someone who is transracial? If identity is determined by an individual, then questioning that individual’s choice should never enter into the picture, right? I mean, those are their rules. Of course, I believe the trans community seeks to address mental and emotional issues incorrectly. Instead of addressing internal issues internally, they conclude that addressing said issues superficially leads to true freedom. The exact opposite is true. Surgical/cosmetic addition and subtraction is a mask, never a solution.

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