Best way for illegals to avoid deportation? Become a DEA snitch

Best way for illegals to avoid deportation? Become a DEA snitch

There seems to be one surefire way for an illegal immigrant — even if they are a convicted narcotics trafficker fresh from prison — to be allowed to remain in the United States:

Become an informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Think of it as the DEA’s version of the DREAM Act or an H1-B visa for a foreigner who excels in the highly specialized field of snitching.

In a recent U.S. District Court filing, federal prosecutors disclosed the sweet deal that one such criminal struck with investigators.

The confidential informant, who is only referred to as “CI#1,” spent about a decade in prison for drug trafficking. Usually, when someone in the country illegally finishes a lengthy federal prison term, they are turned over to immigration officials and then deported to their home country.

However, in the case of “CI#1,” the felon opted to join Team America.

The informant, who was freed in 2001, “has been proactively cooperating with the DEA since that time,” according to a footnote in a May court filing. Information provided by the snitch, prosecutors noted, has been corroborated by “independent evidence, including consensually recorded telephone calls, surveillance and recorded meetings.”

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