Vanuatu villagers pray to UK’s Prince Philip for sun, rain, good crops

Vanuatu villagers pray to UK’s Prince Philip for sun, rain, good crops
Worshiper poses in Vanuatu with images of Prince Philip. (Image: AP, Nick Perry via NBC)

[Ed. – So, OK, the American left is canonizing Bruce/”Caitlyn” Jenner.  Weird cults can pop up anywhere.]

Several hundred scattered residents on Tanna island pray to the British royal, who they regard as a deity and who celebrates his 94th birthday Wednesday.

“Here in Tanna, we believe that Prince Philip is the son of our God, our ancestral God who lives up in the mountain,” says villager Nako Nikien, who prefers to go by the name Jimmy Joseph.

Joseph said it’s become a tradition to talk, or pray, to Philip each evening, when villagers from Yaohnanen and Yakel gather in their meeting places and share an intoxicating brew made from kava plants.

“We ask him to increase the production of our crops in the garden, or to give us the sun, or rain,” Joseph says, pausing. “And it happens.” …

The unusual cult developed on an island where people still choose to live as they have for centuries, in simple thatch huts and wearing nothing but grass skirts or a penis shield called a nambas.

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