‘Historic moment’: Boston City Hall’s restrooms are now gender-neutral

‘Historic moment’: Boston City Hall’s restrooms are now gender-neutral
Historic Boston Mayor Martin Walsh. (Image: AP via CNSNews)

[Ed. – Come on.  The Battle of Tours was a historic moment.  The signing of the Magna Carta was a historic moment.  The Battle of Yorktown was a historic moment.  The first moon landing was a historic moment.  Labeling restrooms “gender-neutral” is the hysterical burble of a disordered society.]

An executive order signed Thursday by Mayor Martin Walsh eliminated gender specific bathrooms on the fifth floor of City Hall outside the mayor’s office and City Council chambers.

New signs created by Boston’s Property Management Department indicate that the single-stall bathrooms are open to anyone.

The decision comes in the middle of Boston’s Pride Week, which celebrates the city’s LGBT community.

“Today marks a historic moment in Boston,” said Mayor Walsh. “Boston thrives on diversity, and is an inclusive city. This change will foster a safe and welcoming environment for employees and visitors, and will go a long way as we continue to work towards improving the lives of those who love and call Boston home.”

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