Is men taking their wives’ last names the next frontier?

Is men taking their wives’ last names the next frontier?
Ms. and Mr. Zoe Saldana (credit: Danny Moloshok/Reuters)

The Internet predictably exploded after Guardians of the Galaxy actress Zoe Saldana told In Style magazine that her husband, Italian artist Marco Perego, has decided to take on her exponentially more famous surname, effectively becoming Marco Saldana.

What does this flipping of the traditional script, with men doffing their last names for their spouse’s, mean? Are we entering the realm of Brad Jolie or Sean Theron?

It would not be unprecedented. After all, celebrities from Jay-Z to John Lennon to Jack White have either adopted their wives’ name, or at least hyphenated to include it, and some lay folk are following suit, though still with a level of infrequency that elicits attention, not all of it positive.

It seems that not all men are quite so progressive as the newly-anointed Mr. Saldana.

Australian Justin Hosa, for example, encountered some friendly ridicule at his decision.

“There have been a few disapproving people and many people are under the impression that my wife pressured me into taking her name,” he told theTelegraph in 2011. “It was a mutual decision, and I am proud to now be Justin Beverstock.”

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