Epic FAIL: Will tax hike by Nevada GOP doom the party?

Epic FAIL: Will tax hike by Nevada GOP doom the party?
Gov. Brian Sandoval (R-NV), turncoat. (Image via Townhall)

Like the rest of America, the Nevada the GOP enjoyed a landslide victory last November. We won EVERYTHING. Governor, Lt. Governor, all five constitutional offices, the State Senate and the State Assembly. This is the first time the GOP has controlled all of those offices since the 1920s. The voters spoke loudly. They wanted smaller government, lower taxes and less spending. Not only that but a ballot referendum supporting a business margins tax on corporations was voted down by a 3 to 1 margin. THREE-TO-ONE. This was the anti-tax, anti-big government sweep of a lifetime. Historic. Revolutionary.

So what did the Nevada GOP do with such a magnificent mandate? They rewarded the same conservative anti-tax voters who had just given them a mandate to hold down the size of government and taxes…with a proposal for the biggest tax increase in Nevada history. Yes, I said tax increase. And with the help of a Republican Senate and Republican Assembly, it passed last week. Our Nevada business taxes just grew by $1.5 billion. Worse, this isn’t an old-fashioned business tax on profits. This is a tax on revenue. So companies that break even or lose money now owe taxes. This is basically the same “margins tax” that lost 3 to 1 on the ballot only months ago. It lost in a landslide so Republican Governor Brian Sandoval decided to resurrect it and have Republicans own it and pass it.

Let’s make sure you get this straight. We elected Republicans in a historic landslide to control every office in Nevada…and voted down new taxes by a 3 to 1 margin…just so Republicans could turnaround and give us the biggest tax increase in history and dramatically expand the size of government.

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