There’s now a DVR for your pirated TV shows

There’s now a DVR for your pirated TV shows

The pirate TV service that has the Internet buzzing is just getting started, according to the developers behind the project. Dubbed cCloud TV, the service launched late last month and delighted cord cutters with the ability to stream pay TV channels including HBO, ESPN, Showtime, TBS, AMC, Comedy Central, TNT, FX and more without paying. Following a brief legal scuffle that temporarily took cCloud TV offline, the site’s creators have reached out to BGR to clarify how the service works and to discuss some exciting new features coming down the pike.

For those unaware of the service, cCloud TV is a site that lets users stream live broadcast television channels for free to any computer, iPhone, Android phone or tablet. Several video game consoles, set-top boxes and other devices are supported as well.

Because most of the channels offered by cCloud TV are pay TV channels that are being streamed for free, there are several obvious legal issues that have already caused some trouble for the team that built the service.

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