Clowns required for public hospitals in Argentina

Clowns required for public hospitals in Argentina

Tapping into the healing power of laughter, specially trained clowns will be hired by public hospitals in Argentina’s largest province thanks to a new law that requires they be available to help treat child patients.

Andres Kogan, a pediatrician who oversees a hospital program with clowns, said Friday that the law passed last month would be implemented over the next several months.

Kogan said clowns don’t just make children and their families feel better about being in a hospital, but also help doctors get information from children who are shy, have been abused or are not able to communicate for any reason.

Alejo Lacone, a 9-year-old left paralyzed after being hit by a car in March, is a good example of how that works. Because of a tracheotomy, the boy can’t speak.

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