Horrible Republicans hate poor people, want U.S. taking Census on pencil and paper again!

Horrible Republicans hate poor people, want U.S. taking Census on pencil and paper again!
The 1790 U.S. Census.

[Ed. – The argument of this piece seems to be that if Republicans get their way and make the lengthy, intrusive “American Community Survey” voluntary for citizens (instead of mandatory, as it is because of Obama and the Democratic Congress of 2007-2011), the end result will be total catastrophe for the U.S. Census, including underfunding, and yet reverting to taking the census on pencil and paper again, which would cost more than what we’re doing now.  In other words, the argument is completely irrational.  Who knew men could be this hysterical?]

In addition to the decennial census, the government’s head-counters every year send 3.5 million Americans a lengthy questionnaire seeking a wide range of information about their living situation and employment status. Known as the American Community Survey, it replaced the “long form” portion of the official census beginning a decade ago. In addition to questions about the number of toilets, since 2010 the ACS has also asked about what kind of plumbing people have in their homes, and about their Internet access, energy use, whether they receive food stamps, if they live over a store, and how many cars they drive.

Republicans have long argued that such questions are too intrusive for a mandatory survey, and for the second year in a row, House-passed spending legislation would effectively make it voluntary by prohibiting the government from enforcing criminal penalties—which can reach $5,000—against people who refuse to participate in the ACS. …

Without the toilet question, the government might not know that even in 2015, there are nearly 2 million Americans in rural communities without indoor plumbing, said Phil Sparks, co-director of The Census Project, a nonprofit advocacy consortium. …

Without adequate funding, “the Census Bureau will have no choice but to revert to the old pencil-and-paper process that will cost billions more and won’t be as accurate.” That plea hasn’t yet moved Republicans.

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