Can gays and Christians coexist in America? Part 1

Can gays and Christians coexist in America? Part 1

Can gays and Christians co-exist in America? As the saying goes, “Can this marriage be saved?” I still hope the answer is yes. But for now, it is very much up in the air — and the answer is no longer in Christians’ hands.

This is a provocative thesis on a sensitive topic, one many of us would rather not face. I had long hoped not to return to writing at any length about this issue, especially not when conservatives are winning so many other arguments these days, and this is one that persuades few people who have not already made up their minds.

While I have written repeatedly on efforts to enact same-sex marriage through the courts, I have never lifted a finger on fights to address the issue through the democratic political process, where it belongs — in part because same-sex marriages, if recognized by legislation, are never likely to crack 1 percent of all marriages, and so will by themselves have little impact on our society. Moreover, many of my allies on the Right and personal friends are gay or are supporters of same-sex marriage, and one hates to pick at the scab of a losing political fight that divides coalitions and alienates old friends. I agonized a very long time over how to fairly present this essay, which may explain some of its length (it will run in five parts this week).

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