Left winning war over transgender rights

Left winning war over transgender rights

[Ed. – Who would dare claim this face doesn’t conform to traditional standards of beauty?]

On May 28, Sean Fieler wrote a warning about the transgender rights movement, directed to fellow social conservatives. The chairman of the American Principles Project worried that the movement had blown it on Bruce Jenner’s story of gender transition.

“Rather than dismiss this change as a politically irrelevant story that belongs in the tabloids, Republicans should view it as a case study in the political power of principle,” Fieler argued. “The idea is simple: Your sexual desire, not your biology, constitutes your identity… the rapidly growing acceptance of the previously marginal idea that underlies the transgender moment was only made possible by the Republican decision to opt out of this debate entirely.”

Just days later, Jenner — who now asks to be identified as a woman named Caitlyn — became the biggest story in pop culture. She was the cover subject for the next issue of Vanity Fair, a strikingly beautiful woman who resembled Jessica Lange. (Lange herself seemed delighted by the comparison.) Within 24 hours, the debate among supporters of trans rights was not whether Jenner was brave and beautiful. That was obvious. The debate was over whether the media was celebrating Jenner because, as academic Marc Lamont Hill put it, “she conforms to tradition (sic) cis/and European standards of beauty.”

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