Venezuelan weekly citing fake ‘source’ as U.S. government official?

Venezuelan weekly citing fake ‘source’ as U.S. government official?

[Ed. – This seems remarkably elaborate.]

Venezuela’s National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello — who has been hounded by allegations that he is under investigation for drug trafficking — has one enigmatic defender: Jim Luers.

In April, “White House Spokesman Jim Luers” was quoted by state-run VTV television and Quinto Día, a weekly political newspaper, as saying those allegations “were totally false.”

Ruling Party Deputy Earle Herrera hailed the news and chastised the local press for not covering the White House exoneration. As it turns out, there was good reason for the silence. The White House has confirmed to several outlets, including El Nuevo Herald, that Jim Luers has never had a job there. …

Just five days before he was speaking on behalf of the White House, “agent” Jim Luers was quoted about Venezuelan officials squirreling money away in the United States. On March 20,he was quoted again, this time identified as a U.S. Treasury department investigator based in New York. Earlier that same month, he was cited as “an analyst for Dialogo Internacional.” And in 2013, Jim Luers made his debut appearance in Quinto Día as an FBI agent.

A person at Quinto Día said no one would be available to answer questions about their ubiquitous source (he’s appeared in at least 13 articles) until next week. Calls to the Treasury and the FBI went unanswered, but the agencies have confirmed to local press that a Jim Luers never worked there. Web searches for Dialogo Internacional were fruitless.

However, for many the case is clear cut. …

“Jim Luers, it’s pretty clear, just doesn’t exist,” wrote Caracas Chronicles, which has been following Luers’ sightings.

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