NJ woman killed by ex-boyfriend while waiting on handgun permit process

NJ woman killed by ex-boyfriend while waiting on handgun permit process
(Image: AP, Seth Wenig via Breitbart)

Carol Bowne no longer felt safe.

The 39-year-old hairdresser from Berlin Township, New Jersey, was afraid that her ex-boyfriend might try to hurt her. Fearing possible domestic violence, she reportedly filed a restraining order against her ex, installed security cameras and tried to get a gun for self-defense.

But New Jersey’s gun law are notoriously draconian, and the process to merely obtain a handgun permit takes months.

Bowne was found by law enforcement stabbed to death in her driveway on Wednesday night. Her ex-boyfriend, identified as Michael Eitel, 45, has since been arrested and charged with murder. He is a convicted felon with a long rap sheet, according to the Courier-Post:

Court records show Eitel pleaded guilty to a weapons offense in 2008 after being indicted in 2006 on a charge of aggravated assault with bodily injury. He received a five-year sentence for that offense, which neighbors said was related to an assault on a former girlfriend.

Some of Bowne’s friends are now saying that the system failed the woman.

Berlin Township Police Chief Leonard Check confirmed to the Courier-Post that Bowne applied for a handgun license on April 21. She followed up on her application on Monday, he said.

She was murdered on Wednesday.

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