The drive to take ‘America’ out of U.S. history

The drive to take ‘America’ out of U.S. history
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A stellar group of American historians and academics released a milestone open letter Tuesday in protest of deleterious changes to the Advanced Placement US History (or APUSH) exam.

The signatories are bold intellectual bulwarks against increasing progressive attacks in the classroom on America’s unique ideals and institutions.

Parents in my state of Colorado have been mocked and demonized for helping to lead the fight against the anti-American changes to APUSH.

But if there’s any hope at all in salvaging local control over our kids’ curriculum, it’s in the willingness of a broad coalition of educators and parents to join the front lines for battles exactly like this one.

As the 55 distinguished members of the National Association of Scholars explained this week, the teaching of American history faces “a grave new risk.”

So-called “reforms” by the College Board, which holds a virtual monopoly on AP testing across the country, “abandon a rigorous insistence on content” in favor of downplaying “American citizenship and American world leadership in favor of a more global and transnational perspective.”

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