First self-driving 18-wheeler takes a spin in Nevada

First self-driving 18-wheeler takes a spin in Nevada
(Image: Splash Image via Daily Mail)

The world’s first self-driving truck has taken itself for a test drive over the Hoover Dam.

The Freightliner Inspiration Truck made its maiden voyage over the famous landmark as a qualified driver looked on from the cab.

It was awarded the first license for an autonomous commercial vehicle on the roads of the United States, earlier this month.

The bigrig uses camera and radar to scan the road in front for other vehicles, and can read and process road signs in real time.

Its first drive went without a hitch across the famous landmark and was filmed by a car with a camera.

On-board computers and wireless technology can also allow the trucks to ‘platoon’ in a long convoy where a long row of vehicles all follow the same instructions in lock-step.

Its technology could hypothetically eliminate the need for a driver completely, though current designs and regulations call for a qualified driver to be in the cab at all times.

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