Lindsey Graham fails his first test

Lindsey Graham fails his first test

Notorious Republicrat Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) – proud owner of the pitiful 49 percent Liberty Score™ here at CR despite representing one of the most conservative states in the U.S. Senate – says he’s running for president in 2016 “because the world is falling apart.”

Set aside for a moment the fact that if we need John McCain’s lap dog to save us, then the world truly has become a bleak place indeed. But how exactly can Graham be trusted to stand against injustice on the world stage when he won’t even lift a finger to oppose it in his own backyard?

Enter Chaplain Wes Modder, a decorated military hero with an outstanding 19-year service record. Modder’s Marine and Navy SEAL commanders honored him with the following phrases in his past evaluations:

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