Lincoln Chafee’s no good, very bad idea

Lincoln Chafee’s no good, very bad idea

[Ed. – Jim’s right about this one.]

Ladies and gentlemen, the worst idea from any presidential “contender” in a young cycle that has already offered many of them.

[Former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln] Chafee also pledged to end capital punishment, re-think the war on drugs, and adopt the metric system.

What is it with these big-government liberals?  You give them an inch centimeter, and they take a mile kilometer.

You shut your big ten-centimeter-wide mouth, Lincoln Chafee. You will get my American system ruler when you pry it from my cold dead hand – and that’s cold in Fahrenheit, not Centigrade! Somebody tries to force me to change every form of measurement I have, I will pound kilogram them into the ground! They will feel my foot meter on their tush! Hello?! Even the good progressives at Yuppie Acres Hectares won’t accept this!

Look, I’m not gonna read Ray Bradbury’s Celsius 232.78. You can’t make the Proclaimers walk 804 kilometers and make them walk 804 kilometers more. We will not watch an HBO series about morticians entitled 1.83 Meters Under. Trent Reznor’s band is not going to be 22.86 Centimeter Nails. You go tell Eminem that he’s from 12.87 Kilometers, see how that works out for you! And if Sammy Hagar can’t drive 55, he sure as heck can’t drive 88.51!…

You know what comes in “kilos”? Drugs.

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