EPA: Fracking doesn’t harm drinking water

EPA: Fracking doesn’t harm drinking water

[Ed. – The green agenda is swimming in bad science.  When a particular issue escapes the highly politicized EPA crushing machine, follow the money.  Somewhere out there are dozens of Obama leftists making money off the gas industry.  Meanwhile, the EPA, of course, left open the door to an about-face down the road.]

A long-awaited Environmental Protection Agency report released Thursday found no signs of “widespread, systemic” drinking-water pollution caused by fracking — a conclusion that offers a victory to the oil and gas industry and a major blow to a wave of grass-roots anti-drilling movements sprouting across the country.

The results of EPA’s years-long fracking study should bolster natural gas producers, who have benefited from Obama administration climate and environmental policies that have shrunk the coal industry’s hold on the electricity industry. The findings also touch on one of the great paradoxes of Barack Obama’s presidency, in which he has championed an ambitious green-energy agenda while loudly hailing the benefits of the fracking-spurred oil and gas boom. …

The EPA’s findings do not fully dismiss environmentalists’ concerns that fracking could imperil the water supply, pointing to “potential vulnerabilities in the water lifecycle that could impact drinking water” — along with “specific instances where one or more of these mechanisms led to impacts on drinking water resources, including contamination of drinking water wells.”

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