Climate Theater of the Absurd

Climate Theater of the Absurd

Everything about the “climate change” political circus is completely absurd.  There’s a big climate confab coming up at the end of the year in Paris, and lots of unproductive parasites are looking to that event as their last best chance to solidify a permanent life sinecure for themselves in some U.N. bureaucracy before a critical mass of the general public catches on to the scam.  Right now it may only be May, but the drumbeat of climate scares is getting louder every day.  So today I’m just going to put a few recent developments next to each other, and you can try to figure out for yourself how any sane person thinks that any of this makes sense.

First up is President Obama’s commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy last week.  It was classic global warming evangelism.  Global warming is a terrible and immediate crisis.  The U.S. is to be committed to rapid reduction of “carbon pollution,” and to revamping its electric power industry without any concern about costs….

Seems like the word still hasn’t gotten to Obama that we’ve just gone through more than 18 years of no global warming whatsoever. And turning our gaze for the moment from predictions of a disastrous future to the immediate past, we find that the government has just reported revised numbers for Q1 2015 GDP, and the result is — shrinkage of 0.7%.

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