Bruce Jenner is not brave

Bruce Jenner is not brave

It’s hard to decide what’s more frustrating about Bruce Jenner’s decision play-act a woman named Caitlyn: that we’re all supposed to ooh and aww over his new feminine face or curvy breasts (that look perkier than most), or that we’re supposed to act like this is at once fantastic and normal, brave and routine.

Unfortunately for Jenner and society, it is neither. This is not only devastating for him, but for our culture—and the fact that few people will view it that way, and this publication will most likely get slammed for saying so, proves the point even more. What’s only slightly worse than the fact that this is news is the fact that this news was inevitable.

When celebrities make news headlines, viewers assume it’s a slow news day, which isn’t always bad. But we live in a world of a recovering recession, the burgeoning infancy of political campaigns vying for our highest office, instability in the Middle East, and rampant and violent crusades of ISIS. Yet news headlines of the week belong to Jenner’s decision to “become” a woman. (Although he still has male genitalia, soooo … not sure how that works?)

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