College Board’s reckless spin on U.S. history

College Board’s reckless spin on U.S. history

Fifty-five distinguished scholars will publish an open letter Wednesday morning protesting the one-sided and politicized curriculum framework introduced last year by the College Board to prepare high school students for the Advanced Placement Exam in U.S. history. The scholars assert that the College Board’s framework exposes the teaching of American history to “a grave new risk.” It does this and worse.

By obscuring this nation’s founding principles and promise, the College Board’s U.S. history guidelines will erode the next generation’s disposition to preserve what is best in the American political tradition. It will also weaken students’ ability to improve our laws and political institutions in light of America’s constitutional commitment to limited government, individual liberty, and equality under law.

The College Board is a powerful not-for-profit organization that writes, administers, and grades not only AP exams in more than 30 fields but also the Scholastic Aptitude Tests. Its laudable goal is to help students prepare for college by promoting “excellence and equity in education.”

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