Colorado high school teacher sues school district over ‘Jesus pizza’ lunches

Colorado high school teacher sues school district over ‘Jesus pizza’ lunches
Credit: Yossi Zamir/Flash90

A Colorado teacher is suing a school district, claiming a school is not keeping church and state separate.

In the lawsuit former Florence High School teacher Robert Basevitz says he experienced religious discrimination at his school. When he formally complained about it, he says he was transferred to another school in the district, and that’s when things elevated to the lawsuit.

Personalized Bibles distributed to students, morning prayer circles on campus, and a church pastor regularly on the Florence High School campus ministering with the principal nearby, are a few examples that attorney Paul Maxon says is unconstitutional.

“Government and public schools need to remain neutral on questions of religion so that you and I are not forced to (be exposed to) someone else’s personal religious beliefs,” Maxon said.

Maxon represents Basevitz, who is Jewish, in the lawsuit that says the Cowboy Church at Crossroads has been a regular fixture at the school.

Basevitz says the church also hosts lunches at the school known as “Jesus Pizza.”

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