The church fails Ireland, Will it fail America next?

The church fails Ireland, Will it fail America next?

It is nearly impossible to overstate the evangelistic failure of the Catholic Church in Ireland following that country’s democratic embrace of homosexual marriage – the first nation ever to openly choose such debauchery for itself instead of having it imposed by the courts.

Many reasons were offered last week for why this happened on an island nation where roughly 84 percent of the population identifies as Catholic. Among them were the tone-setting decadence of a divorce culture, the priest abuse scandal and the fat, dumb and happy that came with the country’s economic revolution in the 1990s.

There is something more fundamental going on, though, and it is hidden in plain sight when you bottom line the election turnout. While 62 percent of those who voted came down on the side of bringing Romans 1 to life by endorsing perversion and chaos, that testimony actually amounted to only 36 percent of the total electorate.

Put another way, 4 out of every 10 voters simply stayed home on Election Day and seemingly didn’t give a rip one way or the other. To paraphrase scripture, be either hot or cold because lukewarm is a vital trump card of the Rainbow Jihad.

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