UK: Christian preacher arrested, held for 11 hrs after lesbian fakes ‘homophobia’ complaint

UK: Christian preacher arrested, held for 11 hrs after lesbian fakes ‘homophobia’ complaint
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[Ed. – Emphasis added.  Keep in mind, it’s actually his right as a human being to speak his mind about sexual morality, even though he didn’t address it at all in this case.  The UK has criminalized speech he has a right to engage in, and is therefore in the wrong on this matter.  At any rate, these cases demonstrate that people will, in fact, take advantage of “hate speech” laws to falsely accuse others.]

Rob Hughes had been speaking in Basildon, Essex when a woman who said she was “gay and proud” shouted: “Get down off your pedestal, you judgmental ***. Homophobia is not in this town” – despite the fact Mr Hughes had not even mentioned homosexuality.

Mr Hughes was later arrested after police said they had received a complaint that he had been using homophobic language.

He told the Daily Mail: “I was taken to the police station, processed, mugshot, fingerprints, DNA, the whole works. I was in a cell for about 11 hours, and then my solicitor finally arrived.

“I was interviewed by the police, they asked me a number of questions – “why were you out”, “what were you saying”, “did you say what the people said” – I said “no”, of course. I was polite and courteous.

“I did say that “you have my dictaphone in your possession, you can listen to the recording, the audio, if you like”. They dismissed that. Not sure why, but I just continued with the interview, finished the questions.”

After the interview, he was told that there was insufficient evidence against him and that he would be released. …

In an almost identical case last month, another street preacher, Andrew Geuter, was detained for five hours after being falsely accused of making a homophobic comment.

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