NYC cops now actually arresting dudes for ‘manspreading’ on subway?

NYC cops now actually arresting dudes for ‘manspreading’ on subway?
No, not THIS, silly. (Image via NRO)

[Ed. – As Timpf (and the judge) note, the arrests were in the midnight hour, when there couldn’t have been too many passengers actually being inconvenienced by the “manspreading.”  Maybe it was just a pretext for hauling in some suspicious boobuses on whom the cops had nothing else?]

New York police allegedly arrested two men for “manspreading” (sitting with their legs far apart) on the subway, according to a report entitled “That’s How They Get You” released by the Police Reform Organizing Project.

“On a recent visit to the arraignment part in Brooklyn’s criminal court, PROP volunteers observed that police officers had arrested two Latino men on the charge of ‘man spreading’ on the subway, presumably because they were taking up more than one seat and therefore inconveniencing other riders,” the report states.

Now there’s no doubt that some dude taking up enough room for two people on a crowded train is annoying — but the report claims that the arrests occurred late at night, when the train probably would have been pretty empty:  “Before issuing an [adjournment contemplating dismissal] for both men, the judge expressed her skepticism about the charge because of the time of the arrests: ‘12:11AM, I can’t believe there were many people on the subway.”

Of course, even if the train was super crowded, it seems as though simply asking the men to move over might have been a more reasonable option.

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