‘It’s good for you!’ Mother breastfeeds 6-year-old daughter

‘It’s good for you!’ Mother breastfeeds 6-year-old daughter

In this exclusive sneak peek from our latest issue, on sale today, Woman’s Day catches up with Byron Bay mother Maha Al Musa, 52, who proudly breastfeeds her school-age daughter.

And while many people may be quick to slam Maha, she’ll be the first one to defend her decision and explain the bountiful benefits of breast milk for both mother and child.

For the most part, Aminah is just like other girls her age. The happy six-year-old plays hide-and-seek with her big brother Tariq, loves having her hair done for our exclusive Woman’s Day photo-shoot, and defiantly tells her mother when she’s had enough of the breast milk.

When asked what her mummy’s milk is like, Aminah replies with a six-year-old’s trademark honesty.

“Sometimes it tastes like candy canes,” she said. “It tastes like lots of different things.”

In fact, Aminah says she enjoys “sleeping and sucking” Mummy’s breasts so much she could see herself carrying on for a couple more years. “I might stop when I’m eight,” she decides, after a few moments’ contemplation.

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