I could be paying my student loans until I’m 77

I could be paying my student loans until I’m 77

It’s possible that in 2045, when I’m 77 and perhaps thinking about a new hip, I might be making my very last student loan payment.

If I accept new terms, including a much, much lower monthly payment, I would not be done until 50 years after I made the first payment as a rookie, fresh-faced reporter.

That’s a half-century. Yikes. I wonder if my estate would be responsible for my loans?

Student loan debt is not just the financial albatross of millennial financial mobility. It also has my Gen-X budget a little strained.

It’s not too bad, really just a minor blip, and I should point out that I don’t have medical or law school-type debt in the six figures. The interest also is tax deductible, though it doesn’t add up to much of a break in the end.

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