Seven paragraphs on why Disney/Clooney ‘Tomorrowland’ is a flop

Seven paragraphs on why Disney/Clooney ‘Tomorrowland’ is a flop
(Image: Disney via Daily Beast)

[Ed. – Um, because it’s a preachy “y’all people are killing the planet” flick.  “Al Gore by way of Captain Planet, Disney-approved.”  This — see below — is what could go wrong.]

Disney’s George Clooney theme park adaptation title is coming in at $32.97M as of Monday for the 3-day and $41.7M for the 4-day. While Tomorrowland saw an uptick from Friday ($9.7M) to Saturday ($11.8M) of +22%, it held well into Sunday at -3% ($11.4M), and looks to dip about 23% today ($8.76M).

Also disregard that Tomorrowland is coming in slightly higher than yesterday’s reported FSSM of $40.7M. Many insiders tell me that a $180M-$190M pic such asTomorrowland should be in the $50M+ opening stratosphere. … Compare Tomorrowland to the following despite the demo difference: Warner Bros. Mad Max: Fury Roadin 68 foreign territories, made $109.4M in its worldwide bow last weekend, repping 73% of its reported $150M production cost.

Disney is hoping that the film benefits from being the only PG title in the stateside market until its Inside Out arrives on June 19. In all fairness to Disney, they really gave their all to Tomorrowland. This was not a film that they just dumped in the market. They continue to bang the drum for it. Star George Clooney is set to make a pit stop in Shanghai for the China premiere.Disney began generating buzz for the film at their August 2013 D23 when Bird appeared on stage at the Anaheim Convention Center with co-scribe Damon Lindeloff and a dusty box of archival inspirations for the film. The studio dropped its word of mouth into fourth gear last fall at New York’s ComicCon with an appearance by Clooney and cast along with a teaser unveiling.  There was a Super Bowl 30-second spot, a Google teaser experience, a launch featuring exclusive and explorable looks at the world of the film, seven-minute sneak peek on Imax showings of Avengers: Age of Ultron, a Disneyland world premiere and a globe-trotting filmmaker cast tour in San Francisco, London, Valencia Spain and Tokyo, Japan.

Why did Disney choose Memorial Day weekend to launch Tomorrowland? Again, it’s because they believed in it.

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