French researcher: Modern women losing ability to give birth naturally, breastfeed?

French researcher: Modern women losing ability to give birth naturally, breastfeed?

Mothers are losing the ability to give birth naturally and breastfeed because their bodies have become too reliant on drugs used during labour, a leading doctor has claimed.

Dr Michel Odent believes women are at risk of losing the hormones needed to deliver children because they have been supplied by doctors via drips for so long. …

In his new book Do We Need Midwives?, Dr Rodent said the research ‘demonstrates that women are losing the ability to give birth.’

‘That is the primary phenomenon… the number of women who give birth naturally is becoming insignificant,’ he is reported as saying by The Sunday Times. 

One of the major contributors to the decline is medical supply of the hormone oxytocin, he said.

The hormone is needed to go into labour and is also necessary when breastfeeding, with some in the past claiming it is the component which makes a mother fall in love with her child and bond with them from birth.

But with an increasing number of women depending on drips and Caesarean sections, Dr Odent said women’s ability to produce the hormone by themselves is under threat.

‘The human oxytocin system – the oxytocin, being the hormone of love, fundamental to birth and bonding, even in adulthood – is growing weaker.

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