WSJ reporter to Hillary: ‘Hill, can I ride on your lap to the White House?’

WSJ reporter to Hillary: ‘Hill, can I ride on your lap to the White House?’

[Ed. – Eeeeoooo!]

An e-mail FOIA batch released by the State Department Friday included a bizarre transcript of an October 2012 interview that Wall Street Journal reporter Monica Langley had with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The source of the email and transcript, State Department Communications  Director Caroline Alder, commented, “This will be exciting when it’s FOIA’d…but will give you a sense of the interaction.”

Langley is invited to sit on the couch with Clinton at “an appropriate distance.” However, Clinton offers her a chair to bring her “within inches of the Secretary — leaning in even further.”

The reporter agrees and midway through the interview, she “grabs HRC’s knee” and Clinton began laughing “awkwardly” as she looked over at State Department Clinton senior advisor Philippe Reines.

Langley leaned in further and asked “Oh Hillary…what do you eat? Drink? Dream about when you sleep?”

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