DOJ will now investigate case of Ohio cop cleared in killings of car-chase perps

DOJ will now investigate case of Ohio cop cleared in killings of car-chase perps
How not to drive. (Image: NBC)

[Ed. – Goodness, why even bother with that pesky old “justice system”?  Just start the DOJ shakedown process immediately after every cop-on-black shooting.]

A white Cleveland police officer who fired through the windshield of a suspect’s car at the end of a 137-shot volley of gunfire that killed the two black occupants was cleared of criminal charges Saturday, sparking angry protests and leading the Justice Department to pledge to “review all available legal options.”

“We will now review the testimony and evidence presented in the state trial” to determine if “additional steps are available and appropriate,” the department said after the acquittal of Officer Michael Brelo on voluntary manslaughter charges. …

An Ohio judge said he could not determine Brelo alone fired the fatal shots that killed the occupants of a car at the end of a police chase. …

Before issuing his verdict, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge John O’Donnell noted the recent unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore over the deaths of black suspects but said he would not “sacrifice” Brelo to an angry public if the evidence did not merit a conviction.

“Guilty or not guilty, the verdict should be no cause for a civilized society to celebrate or riot,” he said.

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