Consenting or non-consenting sex: There’s an app for that

Consenting or non-consenting sex: There’s an app for that
(Image via Campus Reform)

[Ed. – But the real question: can anyone make this turn a profit?]

There are two new apps for Apple’s App Store designed to help reduce the instances of sexual assault on America’s college campuses.

The first is called What About No; its partner app, We Consent, is expected to arrive on the App Store soon.

The apps are designed to reduce sexual assault by recording whether or not someone gave consent. Either they would use We Consent to record their consent (as protection against regret and changed minds), or they would express their lack of consent using What About No. …

“If there is a record of consent, that record can be used to rebut a claim based on changed minds or next day regrets… No one should allow false accusations to happen,” he said.

If users don’t consent, they would use the What About No app to play a message expressing their lack of consent—and the person watching the video is recorded. …

While We Consent will be free, What About No has both free and paid versions. The free version does not record video.

Lissack says that the apps have their drawbacks.

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