Why does the left kowtow to Islam?

Why does the left kowtow to Islam?

The American left has spent the past few weeks trying to tell us that they believe in free speech, but…—and the “but” is that anything that offends the sensibilities of Islamic fanatics is unnecessarily provocative, hateful, and possibly racist. Therefore, such “hate speech” shouldn’t be allowed.

Now they’ve gotten a taste of their own medicine.

An anti-censorship benefit scheduled for next month in New York City has been cancelled after the managers of the venue, the Sheen Center, “suggested that we alter the title of Neil LaBute’s play”—charmingly titledMohammed Gets a Boner—”and alter the content of some of our panelists’ speeches.”

That’s right, folks. They tried to censor an anti-censorship event.

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Well, not censorship in its truest sense. The managers of the venue do have a right to say what can and cannot go on there, and in this case, they didn’t act out of fear of attack. Rather, the Sheen Center is funded by the Archdiocese of New York, which has its own vested interest in discouraging mockery of religion. But the irony is that, after weeks of saying it’s “hate speech” to deliberately offend Muslims, intellectuals on the left can hardly complain, even though they are the ones getting kicked to the curb this time.

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