Are you ready for President Biden?

Are you ready for President Biden?

[Ed. – Are you nuts?]

If these were ordinary times, a happy warrior like Joe Biden would be first out of the starting gate in the race for president. It would be so easy; politicking is what he loves to do.

But with Hillary Clinton so dominant in the polls, Biden is hanging back, watching and waiting to see if maybe there’s an opening. He’s telling supporters in the early states that he’ll decide in the next four weeks, or by end of summer.

On that thin thread, Draft Biden 2016, a SuperPAC designed to draft him into the race, is lining up endorsements in Iowa, the first contest, and organizing house parties and meet ups across the country, from Maryland to Alaska.

“Our goal is to have one party in each state, including Alaska,” says executive director Will Pierce.

Even Alaska?

“I just like to say that. I’ve been doing national campaigns for years, and I never heard anybody say that. Support for the vice president is strong, even in the last frontier!”

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