Wyoming: Surprise ‘intruder’ drill traumatizes elementary school kids

Wyoming: Surprise ‘intruder’ drill traumatizes elementary school kids
(Image: AP/Newtown Bee)

[Ed. – Well, ye gods, of course it did.  Who thought that was a good idea?]

Police and school officials in Worland, Wyoming are taking heat from parents after a spontaneous “training exercise” left their elementary aged children traumatized.

The idea was to have a school intruder show up on the playground to see if teachers would respond appropriately to usher students away from danger, but that wasn’t exactly how it played out, the Casper Star-Tribune reports.

A creepy looking man with a backpack and hooded sweatshirt pulled over head leered at children on the playground at East Side Elementary around 10 a.m. Thursday, and teacher Kevin Heyer approached the man, who then allegedly ran off, according to the news site.

Heyer was apparently aware that a random training drill was expected last week and told students “Run! Run!” to the opposite end of an open field from which the “intruder” appeared. But students like Aubrey Truman thought Heyer said “He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!” and frantically scrambled to the end of the field, where another teacher gathered students by grade, the Star-Tribune reports.

Truman told the news site she thought she was going to die, and couldn’t stop shaking, despite local law enforcement who arrived on scene to tell students the scary ordeal was a training exercise. Regardless, Truman and other students complained about the harrowing experience to their parents, who relayed their frustrations to school officials. Roughly 200 students were involved in the surprise drill.

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