Wait times lengthen for those who try to immigrate to U.S. legally

[Ed. – One of the ways you know the criminals are running the prison.  Absolutely disgusting.]

As illegal immigrants continue to seek legal status under President Obama’s executive actions, the waiting list to enter the United States legally grows longer, as does the waiting time for those in the pipeline.

American born Jimmy Gugliotta, who currently lives in Santiago, Chile, with his Argentinian wife and their children, has been waiting more than a year and a half for visas to bring his family to the U.S. He doesn’t understand why going through the process legally puts him behind people who sneak into the U.S. illegally. …

The waiting list for those trying to enter the U.S. legally now stands at 4.4 million, 100,000 more than last year. Some have been on the list for more than 15 years. Even though the spouses and children of U.S citizens are supposed to get priority, even their wait times have jumped from as little as two months to up 18 months as the administration deals with a surge of illegal immigrants given lawful status by president Obama.

“I’ve had people tell me, ‘Why don’t you just show up at the border and try to get across?'” said Gugliotta. “I say, ‘No, we want to do this thing right.'” …

Gugliotta says he’s been told it could be several more months before he gets a visa for his family. In the meantime, the Administration announced a new program called the Central American Minors Refugee/Parole Program, which provides a taxpayer paid for plane ticket for the Central American children of illegal immigrants “lawfully present” in the U.S. That includes those here through executive amnesty or deferred action. Gugliotta considers the program inherently unfair, especially since the immediate relatives of U.S. citizens have historically gotten priority.

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